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Stellar Cookware

So why choose Stellar cookware? I can find cheaper cookware that looks the same?

stellar cookwareIt is like a fine meal, you can buy a ready made Spaghetti Bolognese from a supermarket for .99p, or you can go to your local Italian restaurant and spend upwards of £9.99, it is all in the detail; the raw ingredients used and the way they are crafted together:

All of the materials used are of the highest quality: 18/10 (304) stainless steel is used throughout, with the exception of the base that is 18/0 to ensure its efficiency for induction use.

All Thermic bases are constructed using high thermic conductive aluminium, for maximum heat efficiency and conductivity, and constructed to a minimum thickness of 6mm, to ensure even heat distribution within the pan.

All Thermic bases are hot forged in construction, (the base of the pan, aluminium nugget and thermic base are heated, so they are nearly molten, then impacted together at great force to ensure all three layers are fused together as one). It is quicker and easier to braize (spot weld) the base to the pan, but this weakens and leaks over time.

The thickness and weight of the material used plays an essential part in the quality of heat distribution and longevity of each piece of cookware. The wall thickness of a Stellar stainless steel pan will not be less than .6mm. Aluminium pans can be as much as 4mm in thickness.


Every item is hand polished and inspected

All non-sticks used are PFOA free and designed to match the material they have been adhered to, ensuring great release for years and years.

Stellar Cookware is a British company that has been trading in Bristol for over 100 years, so they must be doing something right!

Stellar are so confident in the quality of the materials and construction that they offer all Stellar cookware with the Stellar lifetime guarantee.

Pelleymounters Hardware is the main supplier in Cumbria for Stellar Cookware. With over 15 ranges covered by a lifetime guarantee Stellar cookware offers an outstanding variety to meet even the most demanding of jobs.

Endorsed by celebrity chef James Martin, the range is available to order online for instore collection or nationwide next day delivery.

For help with choosing the most appropriate items for your needs click here to visit Stellar's Cookware Guide, alternatively pop into one of our stores where our staff will be only too happy to help you decide.

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